Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm the Working Mummy

Writing has always been my chosen form of self-expression. Up until I became a mom, writing in my diary was satisfying enough. But when I entered this new phase of life, I realized that I wanted to connect with other people who were going through the same stuff. And that's what I hope to do through this blog, make a whole bunch of new friends who can guide me or at the minimum commensurate and celebrate with me.

Being a mummmy is by far the toughest thing I have ever had to do. I have a gorgeous and sweet-tempered baby, however I absolutely hated the first year of being a mom (more about that in another entry). I don't think my daughter is to blame for this, it's totally because of the kind of person I am:
- I love spending time on my own - reading, painting (you don't get much of this when you have a baby or toddler attached to you). Even after I got married, if my husband was busy I would happily take off to go have lunch at a coffee shop with just my book for company.
- I have to 'do' something fun or exciting everyday, or at least every weekend. I can't stand having one day be exactly like the next
- I love working. I just can't be a housewife or a stay at home mom. I tried being a housewife for three months, during my first year of marriage. I drove my husband crazy and he begged me to go do whatever makes me happy.
Am I a freak or there other mummy's out there like me? Can you love your baby with all your heart and still want to go to work, leaving her behind everyday. Because if I'm honest, though I need to work for the financial comfort it gives me, I also want to work (even though my husband is willing to be the sole breadwinner).


  1. O yea...of course you can love your baby and still want to have a life...that only makes sense IMHO
    I mean just for your own sanity you need that...Its so funny you start writing this blog..I've been secretly blogging for the last two years..nothing worth publishing yet..just REAL ramblings of the pregnancy and post! My babe at 18 months..I am def. feeling the itch know of getting back into the work force..however, wouldn't it be convenient if it was just part time? Siggh

  2. wow! deeps two years, that's great........y don't u post...i wld love to read ure's so nice to hear that my feelings are normal....aren't there any part time opportunities out there, u deserve some u time girl

  3. Honestly speaking I am the kind of person just like you are. And, I am freaked out by the idea of having a baby. I love babies but I am just not sure if I could be good and patient mom! I am glad to hear that there are others with similar personality and the same fear!I have recently come across a website- and then started writing on it because as I read I want to write and learn more about parenting.( even I make some money because members get share of the ads revenue based on their page views!) I am hoping that helps me get prepared for being a mom!


I love hearing from all of you....thanks for letting me know what you think