Being Mummy

Being a mummy and a first time one at that is surprising, fun, scary and sweet. It's such a mixed bag that sometimes you don't know whether to laugh, cry, shout for joy, scream at the world in general or sulk (that is if anyone would take the slightest notice and I could keep quiet for a while)! So join me on this newest of journeys and hold my hand as I navigate the JOYS PERILS OF MOTHERHOOD without turning into a hysterical mess. Listen up Prince of Persia, you got nothing on this adventure.

Though I'm not one of those super organized mommies, toilet training is one area that I have planned like a military operation and been fairly contentious about. Trust me when I say that planning is a very small and insignificant part of the potty training process. If you still scoff at my words, read this, I'm sure you'll be a lifelong believer:
Hehehe, the order in which I'm introducing my mummy posts seems quite funny, first output and now input. (Is that too crude? Seems like I lost all my inhibitions when motherhood descended on me). Yes, I'm talking about feeding our little 'angels'. If you have a choosy eater (that's my polite way of putting it), join the club and participate in discussions on recipes / tricks to tempt the little gourmands. Here are a few of my favourites: 
If you ever feel low about not being the perfect mom. One who teaches by example, makes the best projects in class and so on and so forth. I have for you the ultimate pick-me-up. Read all about this mother's mess-ups and cover-ups and you'll start to feel real good about yourself. So go ahead, what are you waiting for, run a luxurious bubble bath, grab your laptop and a glass of ..... and enjoy yourself.
A topic of discussion which is fairly common among my mummy friends is, how our little ones behave in a social setup. This is one area where there can be no apple to apple comparison. Each child is unique and needs to be handled differently. All I can do is give you a few laughs at my expense and maybe some emergency measures.
For all you first time mummies out there, do you endlessly debate on whether to add to your brood or are you a 100% clear on which way your uterus is pointing? Socially I usually get one of three reactions to this questions - a shudder accompanied by a grimace, a beautific Madonna-style smile or a confused frown and shrug. Here's my take on it, what's yours?
I learn from my baby everyday, though I'm usually not very gracious about it. In hindsight, I can actually derive a life lesson or two (actually more like a hundred if I'm honest) from my parenting experiences. Read on to find out how a toddler showed me up: