Monday, May 10, 2010

Doing it all over again

Today's is my little brother's 26th birthday and I miss being with him. Even though I'm married with a baby, I can't believe my little brother is in his twenties, a successful trader who I see once in three to six months. I've always considered him my first child and still call him baby within our family circle (he would never live it down if I called him that in public).

We always were and are very close and both of us never imagined that we would live apart. In fact not very long ago, probably about 10 years back, we used to have animated discussions over what our shared grown-up flat would be like. We both share a love of books, and the only arguments we have ever had are over who would read the latest Wilbur Smith first, though we are very different in other aspects. My relationship with this baby of mine has been a defining constant throughout my life. First, I was his second mommy, then his friend and sister and now we are semi-equals (he still listens to me) taking and giving each other advice, support and love.

This unconditional love of a sibling is what I want for my daughter. This is the reason that, even though we can't afford another child now, financially or otherwise (in terms of time), I feel strongly that we need to have at least one more. The best gift my parents ever gave me was my brother and my child deserves the same sort of support and companionship. This in my mind has way more value than any other inheritance I can ever give her. Even after we are gone, she will have family to love her and for her to love, an unbreakable lifelong bond.

So though this entry has gotten a little mushy, I have come to a conclusion. However, tough it's going to be to go through the nursing, sleepless nights, potty-training and time management exercises again, I want to do it. This is truly the best gift I can give my baby girl.

Happy birthday my darling first baby, you are in my thoughts always. I heavenly you.


  1. I can totally relate to the thought "We always were and are very close and both of us never imagined that we would live apart"...Same here..with siblings so far away in the lil gal doesn't get enough of her cousins, uncle and aunt....its something I NEVER imagined....I always assumed..we'd all be in the same city..prob. even neighbors!

  2. I know....isn't it funny how we take such things for granted.......really wish the little one could see more of her uncle and grandparents

  3. I agree...having a sibling is awesome (even when he's a bratty younger brother lie mine)!

    Welcome to SITS!

  4. Thanks for visiting Ronnica.....hopefully you get more time with your brother than I do with mine.


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