Saturday, May 29, 2010

I'm in Love

Yup, it's true, I've fallen head over non-existent high heels; hook, line and sinker for ........ Microsoft's OneNote. Now be nice, no sniggering. While I agree I'm a bit late with the technology part, my defense is that I'm more of a stationary girl. Give me Post-Its, a notepad, felt-tip and gel ink pens, highlighters and I'm in 7th heaven. Ask me to use anything other than excel (which I love), word or powerpoint and I'll give you a blank stare (yes, the only operating system I know how to use is Microsoft, well other than some accounting software).

That's why OneNote has my complete and undivided attention. It just feels like I'm using a very posh version of my 5-subject notebook (no, I am not in school anymore). Here are some of OneNote's features, that do it for me:

  • Toddler-proof: It's on my netbook so the little on can't use it for her artwork (I love her creations, just not when they are done on my work notes)
  • Automatic back-up: A bonus for technologically unlucky people like me
  • One stop shop: I can save all my work at one location. So, no more frantic searches for vital meeting notes that I need in the next 5 seconds
  • Audio and video search!: Fine, I admit, I haven't used these features as yet. I just feel very professional and knowledgeable talking about such technologically advanced features
  • Share: They have loads of share options, so you can have people work on stuff together. Also helps avoid duplicating work
I'm sure I've missed out all the really advanced features on this product, so go check it out yourself at the official OneNote website. I'm sure you will love it or just laugh at my lack of updatedness (just made-up that word), either way you will have fun.

My loving husband is laughing his head off, since apparently this product has been around for almost 10 years and I've discovered it just now. Like my 14 year old niece says - 'whatever'.

Note: I am (sadly) not getting paid by Microsoft to plug this product. I am just so excited about it I had to share. (Maybe the people at Microsoft will see this and pay me to review future products. A girl can dream right?)


  1. 1. One you are a Nerd for writing this entry! :)

    2. I love reading your blogs..... keep them coming!

    3. We need to catch up, it's been too long!


  2. Cute! Haha, I am right behind you technologically ;-)

  3. I am so behind technologically! But I love when you find something that just works. I felt like that when I finally got a blackberry. My husband had been trying to convince me to get one forever...and then I got one...and didn't know how I had ever lived without it!!

  4. Disha @ Hi! nice to see you here. Hehee, guess I haven't changed much. It's been way too long, miss u babe. Keep in touch here :-p

    Deeps @ Feels good to know that I'm not alone :-)

    Sarah @ Thanks for visiting. I know what you mean, I'm getting an iPhone in a couple of weeks , though I feel it's just not user friendly, my family has guaranteed that I'll change my mind soon enough. Have always been a Nokia girl. Wish me luck, I can't afford another new phone, if this one doesn't work out.


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