Tuesday, June 1, 2010

To read or not to read

I know, please don't say it. The title is cheesy with a capital C. My justification, I liked it. Are you people seriously booing me! You are going to feel really bad when you see how appropriate the title is, don't say I didn't warn you.

I am as usual reading two books at a time (one at home and the other when I'm outside the house) and I couldn't decide which one to review. Taking the easy way out, I decided to give you the inside scoop on both. One book is a little more recent than the other, while neither of them are really new, so make your pick.

The first book, I actually bought about 10 years ago. I started reading it quite a few times, however I never got round to finishing it. The book is by a pretty famous author Olivia Goldsmith, doesn't ring a bell! Think the 'The First Wives Club', award winning movie based on the book of the same name. I guess she did so well with her previous book that she was inspired to write the 'Young Wives'. The story basically revolves around three married women in their 30's (approximately) who are wronged by their husbands in a variety of ways. First is Angela the lawyer, who's married into old-money. Next comes Jada, the bank manager with 3 kids and a husband who's business is practically non-existent. Then there's Michelle, married to her childhood sweetheart and living the all-American dream. The story follows a pretty predictable path of the three girls supporting each other and serving their cheating husbands their just desserts. If you are looking for some light reading at the end of a heavy day, then this may not be the book for you. Personally, I still prefer a lot more fashion and fun in my chick-lit. I can always read Les Miserables if I want serious heart-break.    

The second book, the  Uglies, is of the science fiction genre. Not groundbreaking different, just enough to be interesting. The story is set sometime in the future, when humanity, as we know it has almost wiped itself out. The survivors create new societies, in which all young adults have to undergo extreme cosmetic surgery to turn pretty and fit the required behavioural mold. The heroine, Tally Youngblood rebels against the establishment and joins a secret city that exists outside the boundaries of this enforced conformity. The book has obviously been written for adolescents and is part of a trilogy, to which a fourth book has been recently added. I've actually been wading though a lot of teen fiction lately (the Twilight series, to be precise), so found this quite different. I'm not sure this book will appeal to too many people above 25, and that's stretching it.

So, now that I've given you a bit of choice, grab a cup of herbal tea (I advocate healthy living when I'm not stuffing my face with M&Ms), put your feet up and stop thinking too hard. Oh! and don't forget to recommend some books for me to read this weekend, am waiting.

P.S. - Hope you get the title of this post now.  


  1. Hey, I'm so glad you visited my blog. It's great to meet you. Sorry it took me so long to make my way over here. Loved reading your book reviews. I've never read First Wives Club, but I've watched the movie and LOVED it. Absolutely hilarious!!!
    Well, I'm following you now. So I'll be back!

  2. I love the First Wives Club, as well. Gosh I haven't thought about that movie in forever! I have to agree with you, though. I love fashion and fun in my Chick Lit. I also love teen fiction. My husband always gives me a hard time because I'm a thirty something woman who loves Twilight!!

  3. I totally loved the first wives club too. It hink that's why my expectations were so high with the 'Young Wives' and I ended up being a bit disappointed.

    Crystal @ I love your blog title, since I'm really trying hard to be a balanced mom (and I usually fall off)

    Sarah @ Yay! for teen fiction, it's nice to stay young at heart. At times I don't feel older than 16! I actually borrow books from my fifteen year old cousin!


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