Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Weekday Flip-off

If everyone out there thought only employees need to sound off on what a pain the workplace has been this week, think again. Here's what's been getting me down (please refrain from smiling smugly and instead empathize):

  • People who insist on post dated cheques with the date space being left blank. Hello! did you just hear yourself saying post DATED cheque!
  • Sly thieves who go around flicking air-conditioning units, copper wires, digital mouses (is this right) and keyboards. People who don't want to take responsibility for the equipment they use and create opportunities for such thefts to happen.
  • IT engineers who claim that they are waiting for a sample to create an online leave application form. This after:
    • The person in question has just got back from a 2 week vacation (for which he applied using the said paper form).
    • I spent a whole afternoon designing an administration system with them (of which this is just a part of module one). "When are we going to get the whole system up and running? (Were you there in the meeting when we fixed deadlines?)"
  • Conflicts between finance and administration. My common response:
    • "Yes, you have to go to these people (accounts) for the money, even if I have approved the spend."
    • "Yes, I do trust you, but the auditors don't trust anybody."
    • "Budgets apply to every department. No department is above finance."
  • Vendors who deliver the equipment to your location and forget to send the engineer along. "The agreement says payment is 90 days from the date of installation. Send in your technical team and then I'll speak to your accountant. I don't care if you are from a different department, I'm from a different company." (I know I mentioned vendors before, bear with me).
  • Government organizations that take 6 months to complete a 3 month audit and inspection, because they're too cheap to pay for their staff to travel for one client, and try to batch process everything.
  • Front office staff who:
    •  FORGET to take down contact information for walk-in customers.
    • Accidentally misplace feedback forms (which I'm guessing didn't favour them)
  • Equipment finance company representatives who ask the 'CEO and Founder' (this is what he was introduced as):
    • What his interest in the company is?
    • Whether they can have the financials of our angel investors (a private investment fund)?
I will now stop ranting and raving, since I have to get back to work. However, be forewarned, I am going to set aside one day a month for work related vents. Please feel free to join me or chastise me.

Are you totally happy with your colleagues, employees, vendors and customers or do you have some secret / not-so-secret grudges. Feel free to shout out here. Come on, make me feel like I'm not a total biotch.


  1. Well, after my head exploded with the office-related jargon overload, I came up with this:
    * my junior employee is now in underpants and keeps leaving little puddles everywhere
    * my senior employee has his birthday party today and will no doubt complain about various aspects because I've spoilt him.

    Nah, I suppose that's not what you're looking for. :-)

  2. And here I pride my self on being corporate jargon free. Sorry for that.

    Your current office situation is definitely the toughest. I have one employee who likes to act as my boss and is also in the puddling (I just invented that word) stage.

    Hope your senior employee gives you a "best boss in the world mug" after he enjoys his big day.

    You are brave to take on a third employee. I always knew I wanted more than one, however I don't have the courage to plan the next one before the first is 3+.


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