Friday, June 11, 2010

See What My Mummy Uses at Home

I think this post is going to make all of you a lot more sympathetic to the teacher I cribbed about in the previous entry. Cookie (that's what we call the little one at home) had her first bit of homework yesterday: bring pictures of two objects used in your house, for a class collage. Me being the aspiring modern mom, ignored the fact that the message was addressed to the parents and decided to turn it into a project. My rationale being, what is she going to talk about if she doesn't choose the objects herself.

So, step one was deciding where we were going to get the pictures from. The only solution I came up with was cutting them out of a magazine. Now, in our house we get two magazines:
  • A magazine for entrepreneurs, which both of us read and also refer to for ideas. I couldn't destroy the back issues as we may need it going forward. In addition, I didn't think they would have too many pictures of household objects.
  • Cosmopolitan which, again, both of us read. (Hubby when he's really stressed out and needs to laugh at us silly girls, or so he claims. Now you know his little secret) So my precious Cosmo it was. My logic being, this being a girlie magazine it has to have some practical women related advertisements. Plus, what other choice did I have. 
These are the pictures my little angel went for:
  • A pot of Bodyshop's Body Butter - I totally approved of this, what could be more useful (and indulgent)
  • A mug full of low-fat vanilla latte - which she insisted on calling "hazelnut mocha with skim please"
  • A pink and violet fully loaded hair dryer - I have a blue one, so close enough. She loves to watch me dry my hair and get a second of drying too
  • A tube of Neutrogena hand cream
  • A bottle of Vaseline for Men body lotion - we really have this at home. She shares it with her dad and declares that she "loves her daddy smell"
  • A bottle of Tide washing powder - this too has a place in our house
  • A plate of double fudge cookies - I kept trying to get her to focus on the plate and not the cookies, to no avail
  • The Burberry Summer perfume for men - she did gift this to her dad on his birthday
  • A small pot of MAC shimmer eyeshadow - my mom loves MAC products
  • A designer backpack - she claimed it was her Dora school bag
We finally decided on the Tide bottle (me), the mug (me), the hair dryer (her), the backpack (her) and the pot of Bodyshop Body Butter (her). Hope her teacher thinks that we like to get involved in our projects rather than that we are indecisive, considering the instructions said two objects.
    When we were packing the cutouts into the pages of her notebook, one of them fell the wrong side up on the floor. When I bent down to pick it up, instead of an image I saw the words "show him your wild side". That's when I realized, pictures cut from a girlie magazine will have racy articles on the reverse. Picture her teacher seeing that along with her choice of products and imagining a house where we throw money away on luxury brands and swan around in fancy negligees all day. So we had to stick the pictures on white chart paper and cut along the curvy edges to create faux collage worthy cutouts.

    Don't know if I'll be so excited about her next project. Maybe I'll just send her to bed and do it myself.


      1. I struggle with some of the school stuff too.....mainly because my daughter and I can't agree on anything ;-) I'm sure the Teacher would've giggled at the 'racy' articles!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog on SITS Pot Luck Friday x

      2. Hi Emma, thanks for visiting. Hopefully the teacher won't show us the door at the end of this term.

      3. i'm just glad to see indian teachers are coming up with creative HW as well:) reading this and also watching my niece bring HW back reminds me of my dubai gem days:) when learning was fun and not all about mugging stuff up!

      4. Loved the Dubai Gem days.......yup, the education system here is changing, they are even doing away with the Boards for 10th grade from this year.


      I love hearing from all of you....thanks for letting me know what you think