Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back on Track

I haven't forgotten my bloggy world. The muchkin and I just had an unexpected holiday. We took off on the spur of the moment for my parent's home and things just got more and more hectic from there.

Well, we are back now and I'm going to start reconnecting, so please don't walk away and forget about me. This world is what keeps me sane on the regular days.

Here are the highlights of our mini-vacation:

  • The munchkin and me had a playdate with another blogger friend (her's is a private blog) and her adorable tot.
  • We visited Atlantis and another underwater zoo with the grandparents. I was more excited than the little one!
  • Shopped, shopped and shopped
  • Watched "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" and "The Joneses
  • I lost about 7 pounds with no effort! Unfortunately have put back 4 of those in the last two days.
That's the round-up for now. Watch this space for regular posts from tomorrow.


  1. I love unexpected holidays. They are the best!

    ...stopping by from SITS...

  2. Hi Mrs Gloves, thanks for visiting. We will be putting up more interesting posts this week so please do come back.

    Am off to visit your site.

  3. What strange kind of person would LOSE weight on holiday?

  4. wow you had a ball eh ;-)
    twas fun meeting up and of course watching the cubs hang out! we have to exchange pics soon!

  5. Loved "Sorcerer's Apprentice." (Didn't love the physics explanation of how magic works, but oh, well.).

    Loved the fact that his basic, physicist nerdiness is what wins the day.

  6. Mwa @ I understand you're confusion. The person in question didn't move her butt from her office seat for 14 hours a day, so just walking around malls pushing a stroller had an awesome effect on said saggy butt.

    Deeps @ I will try and put the pics up this week. Thanks for making time for us.

    The Mother @ And for one (except for Harry Potter) the nerdy hero stayed nerdy till the end. How real was that!

  7. I loose weight on holiday too! I also have my butt stuck to a chair normally when I'm working so I love holidays as I can eat as much as I want and loose weight!

  8. Pigletin @ Finally someone who shows me that I'm not a freak. Thank you


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