Friday, October 15, 2010

The Little Things I Do For My Mommy

I hate being coped up in the house and my munchkin takes after me. So any free time we get together we grab our stuff and rush put the door. We do movies (we even do late night shows on the weekend), shopping, eating visiting the library, going crazy on the beach, you name it and we've done it. Given our current lifestyle most of this is just me and her time.

So it's a given that she accompanies me into public toilets. Like I've mentioned before, for all my dislike of staying home, I do love having my own loo. Unfortunately, I'm not rich enough to have one follow me around, and I have a relatively weak bladder, so I have to use the commonly available ones. I refuse to sit on the seat of a public toilet without using a liner (when available) or covering it with toilet paper and my daughter is well aware of this fact.

At home though I allow my bum to touch the bare toilet seat I always stock a few extra rolls of toilet on the bookshelf next to the toilet. This is in case the current roll runs out halfway through my requirement.

A couple of days back I was rushing into the washroom at home for a pee when my daughter decided to chat with me as I relieved myself. Her reasoning, "Mummy you tell me stories to help me poop, so I'll tell you a story to help you pee". Simple and difficult to refute. She noticed the empty toilet paper  holder and immediately picked up a fresh roll and replaced it. "Mummy some silly person forgot to keep you toilet paper ready". (No really! who in my train of maids could have possibly made that mistake?) Then she proceeded to tear of little squares of paper and lay them on the seat. I was in pain by then and politely asked her what in the world she was doing. "Mummy, I know you like a pretty seat so I'm decorating it for you to sit and pee".


  1. That is SO sweet!

    When I go to see my parents, my mother puts out extra paper for me.

  2. cutest! You would love the US, paper liners in all public toilets!

  3. Lisa @ I was giggling as well when she did that.

    Deepti @ They really do the most unexpected stuff don't they.

    Mwa @ hehehe.....your comment got me thinking of your baby wipes post.

    Geekymummy @ I'm sure I would :-)

  4. That is SO adorable!

    I wish I could take Stella to the movies. But here the minimum age for a kid to go to the movies is 7. Is that sad or what?

  5. Elisa @ 7! even for animated pictures? Where my parents live a lot of them have a three year minimum for regular movies. Out here unless a movie is rated 'Adult', it's fine. I guess we are just lucky. Hope you get some mommy and daughter movie time soon, it's lots of fun, especially with a tub of caramel popcorn to share.

  6. Tracey @ My heart did melt a little bit, though my bladder almost gave way.


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