Saturday, November 13, 2010

Eat Pray Love

I've read the book and, finally, watched the movie*. I totally enjoyed both. If you thought I'm going to add to the plethora of reviews out there and bore you to death, I have a pleasant surprise for you. I'm not.  This is more of an observation post. We can call it "Eat Pray Love and the Crazy Mommy":
  • I read the book in three installments, with a week break between each city. A book that size would normally be devoured by me in less than 48 hours. (I started speed reading way before the concept became common. Since I was reading Enid Blytons from the age of three.) I initially started reading it like a normal book, however when I got to the end of the Italy chapter I started reading up on the stuff referenced in the book. Let me tell you I had hours and hours of online fun. That's when I decided to do the same with the other cities. The end effect, I felt the movie was way to short, with not enough focus on the writer's descriptions of the cities. This didn't stop me from enjoying the movie throughly, I would have just liked more of it. 
  • I dragged V along for the movie (she's loves going to the cinema and actually watches most of the movie). Halfway through the techie and I wished we hadn't brought her. In the scene where Julie Roberts and her beau are romancing, she insisted on explaining to the whole theater that "mummy and daddy are doing cozy, cozy"! I swear we only kiss and hug in front of her nothing more. V also learnt her new favourite word - "sexy". She kept saying "mummy, the daddy in the movie said sexy" and giggling throughout the break. Lucky, everyone around us thought she was cute and entertaining. My ears were red by the end of the show.
  • The major outcome of the book and movie has been that I'm drooling over totally unaffordable houses in exotic locations. In fact, I now have 5 dream houses instead of one! I've also gone back to planning my post-retirement world-trip. (I hope to retire by 40, at the latest).
What effect did the book/movie have on you? Did everyone enjoy and analyze it as much as me, or am I just a one off case?

*I actually started this post on the 28th of October (we are not that behind with movies here) and didn't want to change it for authenticity sake. 


  1. Not seen movie or read the book yet but on my list of things to do!

  2. PigletinFrance @ I was the same. My brother who primarily reads non-fiction suggested it to me, so I decided it must be worth one read. I wasn't disappointed.

  3. I'm almost done reading the book(this is the longest i've ever taken to read a book). However, it's not because the book isn't great, i'm just so busy! I'm happy to hear that the movie was great too.

  4. Stacey @ I don't know what it is with this particular book. Everyone I've spoken too has taken much longer than usual to read such a slim volume, albeit for different reasons. Coincidence?

  5. Hi there, just saw your lovely comments on my blog and had to hop straight over to yours! I loved the book and read it very quickly but then became a little disillusioned when I found out later that she had the book deal before she left (they tell me that she metnions that in the movie early on the piece but it definitely wasn't mentioned when the book was first released).

    I heard the movie is beautiful to watch, fab scenery etc.

    Kirsty (shamozal)

    P.S. I'm your newest follower!

  6. Shamozal @ I love the name of your blog, so original.

    What! she had the book deal before she went on her healing journey. That does spoil the authenticity of the book. I must have missed that in the film.

    A new follower/bloggy friend always inspires me to post :-) Thank you I needed that bit of push.


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