Monday, December 13, 2010

The Green-Eyed Monster

I really, really envy mothers who say:

  •  "I never miss a day of blogging, because I blog in the mornings before my little ones (note the plural) are up. All you need to do is dash off your entry when the coffee is percolating or the toast is toasting (or some other @#$%^ing mutli-taskable activity is going on)"
  • "I lay out clothes and accessories (which the toddler never pulls off) for the whole family before we retire (who speaks like this) every night. It makes life so much easier." (When? Doesn't your toddler hold on to your hand till she puts you to sleep and it's already 2 am when you open your eyes, so you just change beds?)
  • "We love cuddling-up and reading a bedtime story before goodnight hugs and lights out. It's so soothing after my stressful day at work." (You read one story and end-up with a hug? I would rather face an angry customer than announce bedtime. At least the customer doesn't ask "why" after every statement/answer.)
  • "I wore my first date dress, when the toddler was 10 months old. It was my anniversary gift to my husband - a fit, sexy wife." (I wore my 8th month maternity gown and maternity underpants while breast-feeding.) 
  • "My husband and I are always in agreement over how to bring up our kids. We have similar value systems." (You have value systems? We have the good cop, bad cop routine down to an art. All our systems stop with the office.)
  • "'Me time' is so important for a mother. I make it a point to spend one evening a week with the girls. The husband and I also plan a date-night every week to keep our romance alive." (I'm crying in frustration and have no smart comments here.)
I better sign-off now, before steam starts pouring out of this perfect mommy's ears.


  1. Haha..don't we all have those days! Some talk about it and some don't while some distract or deflect! Most moms have a few days if not too many and I have to thank you for vocalizing and sharing yours! *big hug*

  2. So so true! I remember after having my second who had me awake ALL the time a mother with a baby the same age told me in the supermarket how her child was sleeping through the night.....I seriously could have killed her right there on the spot. Sleep deprivation will do that to a person.

    I think it all evens out. The craziest toddler can become the easiest tween. Every parent has there moments. :-)

  3. I envy people who get to the hairdressers occasionally... I'm going for the first time in over four months tomorrow!

    (I swear date night is worth getting a babysitter for. My house is a tip, bedtime routines happen without me and I have chucked all my pre-baby clothes. Nearly had to chuck my husband, too, pre-dates.)


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