Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year Aspirations

This has been a year of learning and growing for me. I like to think that I have blossomed as a person through the experiences I have had. The year centered around:
  • starting a blog
  • learning to be a mummy (I think this will be an ongoing aspect of my life as long as I live)
  • struggling to get a start-up on it's feet while working with the techie (we have learnt to understand and accept each other a little better, I think)
  • handling more responsibilities as a daughter to my parents and in-laws (and trying to support my grandparents a little better)
  • just listening to my little brother as he goes through some big changes in his life (lots more to come in the new year) 
I began blogging primarily to get back on track with my writing. However, I've been overwhelmed by the amount of strength I'm been able to draw from the small but close-knit circle of friends that it has given me. As a bonus, it's brought me even closer to another mummy-friend of mine, who was little more than an acquaintance in school (Darling, you know who you are).

For the new year, I'm not going to make any resolutions. I'm only going to aspire to be happier and try not to dwell on the past or have any regrets. Hopefully, I'll spread around some of that happiness and joy.

I'm signing off now with a whole load of love and best wishes for my bloggy friends, who have given me so much this year. See you in 2011. Here's *raise imaginary glass of champagne* to more sharing, caring, happiness and fun in the coming year.

P.S.- This is my 49th post. So am starting the New Year with post no.50. Yay!


  1. Love your attitude for 2011! Happy New Year to you! XX

  2. Tracey, Stacey (hehehe that rhymes) @ Thank you for the New Year Wishes.

  3. best wishes for 2011. it's going to be one incredible year (:

    Also, isn't blogging the best? lots of support and feedback is so nice in life.

  4. Tucker @ You've taken the words out of my mouth. Happy New Year to you.

  5. congrats with your blog and good luck with it in 2011. It's so much fun and such a wonderful creative outlet. Also thanks so much for stopping by my blog :)

  6. Good luck with your goals. All the best and hope you're having a great New Year and staying true to yourself.


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