Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The List - I miss, I love, I look forward to

This is something everybody in my family knows about me - I love making lists. The techie says that I love my holiday 'what to pack' list more than the actual vacation. The first thing I do every morning at my desk (after 20 seconds of quiet time to focus) is make a task list for the day. (Secret: I then spend 15 minutes in blog land. Which none of my employees know about.) Let me add this is the only part of the day when I use a pencil/pen - there's nothing as satisfying as writing down a list. Also, I tried doing it on my laptop but had to keep the document open thorough the day to refer.

To feed this fetish of mine I have decided to do a list based entry, once in a way. No, no, don't close the page. These are not going to be boring lists, rather they will give you glimpses of the real me (is that part of the boring stuff) and maybe I can do some linky stuff with these posts, as well.

The inspiration for my first post came from this lovely blogger, 'Life as a CEO'. Hope she doesn't mind me being a copy cat. Anyway, the aim is to list what you currently MISS, LOVE and LOOK FORWARD TO at this point in your life. I'm going to limit myself to five points each to stop from writing a whole book.

So without further ado, here's my list:

  • I miss....
    • My family - we are very close knit, however, we live in three different countries now.
    • High school - best period of my life. Does that make me sad? What I really miss from that time is, the lack of serious responsibility, my friends, the plans for my perfect future and being confident of who I was and what I was doing.
    • Me time - reading alone at coffeeshops, art, spa visits, getting up late on weekend mornings. I still get a bit of all this thanks to my husband, however it isn't the same.
    • Having spare cash -  a baby and a new business tend to be priority when it comes to shelling out the notes. More the business than the baby.
    • Travelling - I've had vacation breaks every 2-3 months since I was a child. In fact, the little one and I took about 20 plane rides in her first year. It seems as if we are compensating for all that now (I haven't left the city for almost a year). 
  • I love...
    • My family - I have more people to love and more people who love me. I can describe myself as a daughter, sister, wife and mom - makes me feel special (I know it's silly. I'm one among billions of such women).
    • Working with my husband in our own business - it's not perfect, and there are days when I wish we hadn't got into this. However, every morning when I get up I look forward to coming in to work, so it's definitely right for me.
    • Planning our future - I spend quite some time drawing up detailed plans!
    • Partly homeschooling my daughter - though the techie and I work full-time and can't really homeschool the munchkin,. We plan to supplement the standard school syllabus with some fun stuff of our own. We have already started with reading and math, next up are museum and art gallery visits.
  • I look forward to...
    • My dream house - we have a lovely house of our own now. However, I have been planning my dream house for the last year or so and hope to build it before my baby turns ten. I've even done the layouts and cost estimates, though I haven't figured in inflation. 
    • Seeing more of the world - we plan to travel all around the world, hopefully with the whole family, and spend one month every year living in a different country.
    • Writing a book - haven't decided what it's going to be about. My blog is where I sharpen my writing skills. Any tips?
    • Running a half-marathon - I was running pretty regularly before I decided to have my baby. This also has me looking forward to getting fit again.
    • Painting again - I plan to make some time, maybe about a year down the line, and go back to this old love of mine.  
So, that's my first list. It was pretty easy to write. I'm sure the moment I publish it, I'll think of 5 more points I should have included. Did you find it boring or insightful? Have I inspired you to make one of your own? Let me know if you do and I'll come over and take a peek into the real you.


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog, glad SITS introduced us!


  2. Me too. SITS is the best way to make blogging friends :-)

  3. High school was the best time of your life???

    I can only say that you and I would definitely not have gotten on.

  4. Hi 'The Mother', I have a lot of people asking me the same question, including the techie. He just can't believe that I loved school!

    I guess I am one in a million ;-)

  5. Really enjoyed this post. I'm a big, some might say obsessive, list maker too. Sometimes they only make me feel bad as I always put too much on my to do list. Think I'll try this one out, maybe on the blog, maybe offline. Thanks for the inspiration :-)

  6. What a lovely list. I am a huge list fan too.

  7. Had to say, just saw your books widget, I loved Wilbur Smith's books, especially the Egyptian trilogy. :)

  8. I love making lists. Love it! Excited to discover your blog.

  9. Babes about Town @ I know that feeling. It feels so great to be through when you make a list and then suddenly you read it and start worrying about how you're going to get everything done.

    Lizzie @ Am so thrilled to find another Wilbur Smith fan. I started reading his books when I was in the 7th grade and 15 years on I still haven't had my fill. One of my greatest worries is on - what will I do if he stops writing! He's 78 after all. Is this selfish?

    Caroline @ Thanks for visiting. It feels good to know that there are other list fans out there. Should we start a club?

  10. One of my kind! I LOVE making lists on paper, with a pencil. My boss laughs at me when I come into meeting bearing a notebook and a pen while everyone else has laptops and iPads.

    I *love* my laptop, but nothing beats the feeling of crossing off an item in a to-do list. On paper. With a pencil.

  11. Ofthesea @ Confession, I totally lose it in stationary stores. Get excited and confused and need my two year old to ask me to behave because I'm embarrassing her.

  12. I am a dedicated list maker too. I have been known to add things to my list that I've already finished, just so I can have the satisfaction of crossing it off.

    Stopping by from SITS.

  13. Citymouse @ me too, me too...yay, I'm not the only mad babe around here.....thanks for visiting

  14. Sigh. I desperately want to write a book as well. My blog is also where I try to practice, er, hone my skills. I don't have the time right now to devote to writing a book, nor do I really know how to get started. Any tips?

  15. Great post! I could definitely write a book about these topics in my own list. Also as someone who runs a business with her husband, I can totally relate to your love of going to work each morning with him and the biz taking all your extra spending money.

  16. Erin @ The best advice I have been given: Treat you writing like a job. Sit down at the same time and place everyday and don't leave until you've reached your target. Have a measurable target, for example number of words you want to write per day.
    Disclaimer: I haven't followed this seriously yet.

    Jennifer @ Thanks. I enjoyed writing this post. Ah! it's so nice to meet a struggling fellow entrepreneur. Now I an crib about my lack of money.

  17. stationary and list fan too =) I *think* its something that is a ubiquitous habit with today's generation! Let's start a running club together =) I've been wanting to do a bucket list as well! this is a cute post!

  18. SO glad I was able to be your inspiration for this post!! you did a great job with this list--so many heartfelt things are on it!

    stop by again soon!!!

  19. Brainwave @ Yes we should! Thanks. I'm sorry but I can't seem to access your blog.

    Chrissy @ Was nice to connect. Will be dropping by again.


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