Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sprinkles, sparkle and hospitals

I am guilty of the neglecting this fun, virtual sanctuary of mine for real life. After moaning about my lack of social life, the last 10 days have been crazy - good and bad. Here's what I've been up to:
  • Our big anniversary dinner with the whole family (about 25 people)
  • A 50th anniversary celebration for a family friend's of ours - the pre-dinner speeches revealed a lot of previously unknown information about the special couple
  • Spending some quality time with my parents, who were down for a visit - actually my daughter monopolized them
  • A two year old's birthday party at a 100 year old club - I had one of the toughest workout's of my life running after my daughter and nephew all over the massive park
  • A house warming party - great business networking opportunity
  • A film premier to launch my cousin's new movie theater chain - the movie was cliche, however it was fun to dress up a bit, plus the sound system was great
  • A visit to the emergency room when the little one suddenly started running a high fever and screaming that her tummy hurts - we had a traumatic ultrasound session interspersed with bouts of vomiting, followed by a suppository. Not the best day   
All this clubbed with 12 hour (at a minimum) work days, makes for a pretty exciting life. I could start getting used to all the glamour and glitz, obviously sans the hospital visit. Sadly, all I have lined up for the month of July is a 6th birthday party for my nephew and the official media launch of our business, which is not as glamorous as it sounds and just means more work.
I have such bouts of activity (apart from the work part, which is pretty standard) only once in 3 or 4 months. So I'm expecting things to go back to the boring old status quo soon.


  1. Hi, visiting from SITS. Doesn't it always happen that way? You get invited to a half dozen events in a short period, followed by a dry spell. I'm sure after all that activity a few days rest will be welcomed.

  2. Hi!!! Visiting from SITS.

    Sounds like it's been hectic! The movie premier sounds fun!!!

  3. I'm tired just reading that. But it did sound fun - apart from the hospital visit.

  4. It sounds like you guys have been busy lately! But busy can be good (even if you have to neglect virtual fun!) Have a fabulous 4th of July!!

  5. Karen @ you just hit the nail on the head. Thanks for stopping by.

    Penny @ the premier was a blast, finished at 2 am! Thanks for the visit, will be returning the favour.

    Mwa @ the hospital visit was horrible, never going back to that particular ER again. The rest of it was so cool (do I sound like I'm 12?)

    Sarah @ it was the good kind of busy. Thanks, hope you enjoyed your long weekend.

  6. Hi! Thanks for stopping by at mine, I'm glad you did as I have enjoyed reading your latest posts - I like your writing style very good!

    I'm following you too now, so I'll look forward to hearing more on your hectic life! No stalking promise (following does sound a bit weird doesn't it?)!

  7. Thanks for stoppin' by for a Latte'. Happy to be your newest follower. Sounds like you've been busy (to say the least) Here's hoping the rest of the summer is more relaxing and enjoyable.

  8. I hope V is well again!! Good luck with work and media launch hun! xx

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  10. aren @ you are spot on, events do seem to bunch up. Thanks for visiting.

    Penny @ the movie premier injected a bit of much needed glamour in our lives.

    Mwa @ the hospital visit was a nightmare, don't think I'll be forgetting that soon. The rest of it was real fun.

    Sarah @ I agree, this kind of busy is good. Hope you had a great 4th of July weekend.

    PigletinFrance @ I always get excited when I make a new bloggy friend. Thanks for making my day.

    Ott, A. @ Thanks for stopping by. You have a great site.

    Deeps @ Ved is back to her old self. Thanks for the wishes sweetie. Isn't Dia starting school soon?

  11. Good to hear that =) About D, not anytime real soon. She is still 3 months from being 2. The soonest she is going is early 2011 or Sept 2011 if I can wait that long. lol


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