Sunday, July 11, 2010

Office Romance

Last Wednesday was one of the rare days that the techie and I actually worked together for a while during office hours. We had to accompany the brand consultants on a site tour of a couple of our satellite centers. The weather was great since we had a mild drizzle which helped cool off the city, after a terribly hot week, and we where getting to spend sometime outdoors. In addition, designing and building the brand is one of the most creative and interesting aspects of running a business, which is what the exercise was aimed at. So I was already feeling quite chirpy.

Our brand consultant and design expert are really interesting people to hang out with and we had a productive   morning. We finished around lunch time by when I was starving, so we decided to splurge on a nice lunch, since most of our lunches are a 20 minute run-eat-run back routine during which we update each other on our areas of operation. We drove around looking for a new place to eat and ended up at this lovely little restaurant with a picture window looking out on to the beach. After lunch we strolled down to a local ice-cream shop and had  dessert. Though we ended up discussing the morning's work and our schedule for the rest of the day it was still some nice couple time, which we hadn't got in a while.

This episode has taught me to stay alert for opportunities in the future. Time is what we make of it and this little interlude will keep me going for a month at least.

I have to add that when we got back to the office we had a heated argument on the finances. However, all through that discussion I was actually smiling in my head.

P.S.- Did my title mislead you? Hey I'm married and not into extra marital affairs. Plus, the techie is the best looking guy at work (I'm not biased).


  1. LOL enjoyed your story of this torrid affair although I must say I was hoping for a bit more sex ;-)

    Sounds like you're on an exciting journey. Happy Sits sharefest!

  2. Hi Babes, thanks for stopping by. Truth be told, between a toddler and a toddling business, I keep hoping for a bit more ___ too :-p

  3. Great post - thanks for sharing and reminding us that we get to make choices about time! glad you were smiling in the midst of disagreement.

    Hope SITS a great saturday!

  4. Hey Anna, thanks for visiting. Will be returning the favour soon.

    I just about learning to live in the moment.


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